Visa Service in Nepal

(Please refer to for fresh update and requirements while entering Nepal)

Some countries which do not get upon arrival visa in Nepal. If your country is one of them, please be advise to obtain information before departing from your country or from nearest Nepalese Consulate.

No Visa on arrival

Passport holder of Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria don’t get upon arrival visa in Kathmandu. They will need to arrange before flying to Nepal.

Entry Points

1. Tribhuwan International Airport, (TIA) Kathmandu,
2. Kakarvitta, Jhapa, East Nepal.
3. Birgunj, Parsa, South Nepal.
4. Kodari, Sindhupalchowk, North Nepal. (Blocked due to Earthquake damage)
5. Belahia, Bhairahawa, Central West.
6. Rasuwagadi, Rasuwa, North Nepal, via Kerung in Tibet.
7. Jamunaha, Nepalgunj, West Nepal.
8. Mohana, Dhangadi, Farwest Nepal.
9. Gaddachauki, Mahendrangar, Farwest Nepal.

Tourist Visa Fee in USD

1. 15 Days: 25.
2. 30 Days: 40.
3. 90 Days: 100.
4. SAARC Countries: No Visa fee for 30 days.
5. Indian Citizen: No visa required.
Business Visa: 30 Days, 30.
Student Visa: 354 Days, 75.
Non-Tourist (NGO, Company, Business), 100.
Residential Visa: 364 Days, 300.

What if you over stay?

Just pay 2 US dollar for a day in the Airport. But if you over stay more than 7 days, then you will have to visit immigration office in Kathmandu or in Pokhara, carry with you, Passport, your photo, and they will probably ask you to write down why you overstay in Nepal.

If you are bringing foreign items and don’t know how much custom charge, follow this link.

Some helpful tips for traveling to Nepal

Carry multiple copies of small size photos, like that you have in your Passport. It is needed in many occasions.

If you want to extend your stay or if you over stay, do not panic, go to Nepal Tourism Board office in Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu and pay your penalty and renew the stay. It is wise to carry the change or small multiple bill.

If you are in transit, you get instant visa for 3 days, in Airport, by showing your ticket of departure.

Always carry your passport size photos and visa copy and always carry USD, not much, may be around 300 change, if you do not have USD bill, get your card, there is a machine near you in Airport or Money Changer.

Sometime online visa form is impossible to fill up since it asks you home no. ward no. which you may not know, so we advise you to get in contact with your host or agent or contact us for help.

If you need to call immigration for some reason, here is their number. Kathmandu: 97714433934, 014429660, 014438862, 014438868. Pokhara: 061521167, 062621160.

If you think, it is unreachable, then you can contact us by email at