1. Pashmina Shawl

Indrachowk, close to Thamel in Kathmandu sale the Pashmina Shawls. Women loves this Shawls very much. Pashmina, also known as Cashmere is made from the hair of mountain goat called Chyangra or Capra Hircus. It has been popular for centuries among the people as it is made from the wools which are best known for the luxurious wool in the whole world. Thamel market has the plenty of good shops where you can find items of your choice. Do the research before you are done with the deal, don’t buy the fake one.

2. Nepali Tea

Take some packet of Nepali Tea. It’s the delicious of all. It smells really good. I love green tea. Nepal is the best place to buy the organic tea and spices. If you are fond of Tea than it is the great place to find your choice of tea as there are lots of varieties.

3. Nepali Handicrafts

You can find lots of good handicrafts in Nepal. Most of the world heritage site sell the Handicrafts items.  Nepali is the country where handicrafts are popular from the very ancient time. Traditionally made goods with hands, look so beautiful and are used for decorating the houses too.

4. Beads, Gems and Jewelry

Many people love these items, specially women. Thamel has lots of souvenier to offer for Children and Teens as well.

5. Puppet Dolls

Children and teens love these dolls very much. It might be the sweetest souvenir from Nepal to your Children and friends.

6. Khukuri

Khukuris were used by the Gorkha soldiers in the battle. Every home in Nepal has the Khukuri. Khukuri is the national weapon of Nepal.

7. Woolen Clothing

Traditional woolen clothing is one of the largest exports of the country and one of the most favorite tourist souvenirs. They are generally made from Yak and sheep wool. They are popular worldwide and are very cheap to buy here in Kathmandu. The most popular items are woolen sweaters, hats, gloves, shoes, slippers. Similarly, shirts, trousers, blouse are others popular items to buy.

8. Musical Instrument: Sarangi, Madal, Fleet

I was looking Sarangi, Madal and Fleet, combination three instruments but I found this beautiful archive from Kumumba. Its musical choreographed is beautifully done. Instead of putting image, I embedded the Video here. Please enjoy. Bir Bahadur, who is visually impaired is playing Tungna, not Sarangi, though. Extreme left instrument is Sarangi, extreme right is fleet, Basuri, and the center back is Madal, Drum. There are many youths who are more interested in music lines and less in reading or studying links. There are many famous musical instruments which is only found here due to the import of international and high characteristics instrument.

9. Rice Paper

It is high-quality paper from rice husks. These papers are all the more frequently utilized as a base of a work of art or an original copy. These days a wide assortment of things is created from the rice paper. Rice paper diaries, journals, schedules lights shades and photograph casings might be an awesome keepsake to reclaim home.

10. Herbs, Medicine, Ophiocordyceps or Yarsagumba

Herbal medicine in Nepal is the basis for treating most diseases through traditional knowledge. This medicine is available through ancient and natural health practices such as tribal traditions, medicinal plants at home, and in women, Ayurveda and Amchi systems.
There are so many numbers of industry that uses these herbs to make medicine. You cannot get these medicines in any other place. if you have critical and old disease then these herbs and medicine could help you to cure. So, this idea is in our list of Things to buy in Kathmandu.

11. Flag of Nepal, Nepali Hat,

Photo Source: thehimalayantimes.com
Nepali flag is composed of two rectangular triangles. The Sun and Moon represent the grace of a great life for Nepal, while the Triangle represents the mountains of the region. You can buy Nepal flag anywhere. Thamel’s market is full of handicrafts and artifacts from ancient Nepal. Nepal flag is unique then all the flags of the world. Nepali hat is in the shape of the Himal. Its colorful. There are different types of Hat, if you just go to the bigger store, you find many types of Nepali hat.

12. Organic Coffee

All Nepalese coffee varieties are of Arabica varieties. These type of typical coffee and typical mixed varieties grow from over 800 meters to 1600 meters altitude and are cultivated by small farmers as organic and environmentally friendly practices. Himalayan Java uses Nepali Coffee and do sale in some point for Souvenir.