Bungy Jump in Nepal - 1 Day



The iron bridge Bungy is in Naya pool in Sindhupalchok, north of Kathmandu, 97km from Airport gate. There is Bungy, Swing and High Tandem Swing. Bungy is extreme and ultimate adventure and only the brave do it. The iron bridge is hanging 160-meter-high from the tropical gorge of Bhote Koshi River and longest free fall in the World. Monday is closed. Swiss design Bungy rope is hanged in 166-meter-long steel suspension bridge above the Asia’s wildest River.

Do the Bungy and overcome your fear. Bungy Jump is north of Kathmandu, in Naya Pool in Sindhupalchwok which is 4 hours in Cars from Kathmandu. Bungy is extreme and ultimate adventure in Nepal and only the brave does it. It is 160 meters from the Bhote Koshi River in the Gorge and longest free fall in the World. The Last Resort, which owns the Bungy has facility of overnight stay and very suitable resort for obstacle courses. Small amount of Bungy fee is being invested in development of local infrastructure.

You can get your movie of jump and a T-shirt or you can buy 3 T-shirt of Bungy with $5. Adventure and fearless people love this place since it is the Asia’s deepest fall, 160-meter-high from wild Bhote Koshi River in the gorge. Brave people jump off the hanging bridge conquering their self-fear and showing to their friend that they did it.

Bungy that owned by the Last Resort in Nepal is the deepest in gorge and longest in free fall in Asia.
There is a Bungy Jump in Nepal and adventure people love this. Fearless people jump off the hanging bridge below 160 meters, nearly touching wild Icy Bhote Koshi River. They want to take this opportunity to conquer their fear, simply because they probably don’t know if they will return or not.

The Last Resort have varieties of Bungy packages and you can choose as you feel like. Here are the brief programs:
B. Bungy Jump=98US$.
C. Canyon Swing 97US$.
H. High Ropes 63 US$.

Lunch and Transport, skip or include, make a choice.


Travel from Thamel to New Bridge in Sindhupalchowk. Finish the Bungy, eat Lunch and head back to Kathmandu.


Accommodation are available for those willing to stay overnight in New Bridge in the last resort or you can have your way back home or hotel in resort vehicle.


You wake up and head toward the car at 6am towards the direction you receive at the time of booking.

You can ask question in instant chat should you have something to ask.



Bungy Jump in Nepal is famous in Asia. Anyone who wants to conquer their fear can do the Bungy.

Day 1
Day 1

Wake up and head toward the Bungy which is 4 Hours from Kathmandu.

Included in the Package

  • Transportation, Lunch and Transportation back to Kathmandu

What should I bring

What should I bring?

Your Camera, Bottle of water and some dry snacks.

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